Selva de Mar

Last Friday we joined Selva de Mar at their entrancing #UnAltoEnElCamino performance at Capella Mare de Déu de l’Esperança, a quaint little chapel in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. The night was presided by an unsettling saddened note considering the farewell nature of the occasion, but the mood was lightened by the possibility that it may just be a pit stop for Selva de Mar and we will hopefully be hearing much more from them in the future.

The chapel was packed, a couple dozen pews on either side of the long isle lined with a mesmerized audience. Needless to say the acoustics were beautiful and the perfect mesh of aural delight ricocheted effortlessly off the stone arches.


Sasha Agranov conjuring intricate cello lines entwined with Pablo Wayne’s dominating water drum and unique Hang techniques. They were joined by an arsenal of heavy weight musicians on the Barcelona music scene: Oriol Roca on the drums, Stelios Manousakis as sound tech, Eyal Streett playing the bassoon, Igor Binsbergen on the vibraphone and Feli García Zecchin on the clarinet. Spellbinding vocals by Stephanie Pan and Mû Mbana. Dave Bianchi performed a thought-provoking piece as closure before the crowd roared for an encore.


It was a truly special event and it was palpable that every musician on that stage is genuinely passionate about their craft and that every member of the audience left with an exhilarated feeling of well-being. If you weren’t there you will never know what you missed, but don’t fret over it as it was all caught on video and as soon as it is ready we will make it available for you to enjoy and for those of you who were there to relive the experience.



7 years… Wool Anniversary !

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To celebrate the 7th Anniversary of Whatabout Music, we are offering a 32-track compilation on iTunes for only $7.99 (or 7€ through any Europe iTunes store).  The comp features 30 bands, with a hand-picked selection of songs recorded between 2006 and 2013.  Click here and Enjoy!





Just kidding. Well, partly. There will be Hard Rock as in Hard Rock Cafe but that’s as far as it goes. On Thursday night Annie Goodchild (Melou) is back in Barcelona to accompany Maarten Swan (Melou). Here’s a little reminder of what they sound like together:

Captura de pantalla 2013-06-28 a la(s) 09.07.40

We are so ecstatic we may just pee our pants, and if you don’t like it we’ll eat our pants.


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Whatabout Samantha de Siena?

Our very own, Samantha de Siena, is playing the Voll Damm International Jazz Festival tonight!! Go on a sweet, seductive musical journey with her and witness the lifting of the veil in person. Damm she’s good!


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So imagine you’re on your way to a gig in the Monseny mountains in the middle of winter and your van breaks down…here’s an easy way to build a stove and save the day…or night. Just make sure you have beer cans (sexy beer anyone?) and some pure alcohol (the kind you buy at the pharmacy). You should already have all your instruments with you so just huddle around the stove and have a little sing-a-long. If all this seems like hard work just use your cell phone to call for help. You’re welcome.

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Do not miss the last one..

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Next weekend is your last chance to see the Whatabout music and Sow What project.

Last serie of musicians playing together for the first time to give us a great moment of live music.

You can listen to the previous sessions by clicking her 🙂

See you next Friday with Maarten Swaan, Arecio Smith  &  Mathieu Aupitre !!!



Series 2 ….

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Whatabout music

Same story …Different duo and trio !

We put 65 musicians of Whatabout Music into a hat, randomly pulled them out to form duos and trios… The first serie was a success!  Look at the article article in the Metropolitan : Click here

Like the first time we’ll be posting the live recordings of all of the events, so check out this special night from September 13th, 2013…

Join us and don’t forget your ID and 5 Euro 🙂