“…don’t mean a thing unless it’s on the front page of my favorite blog…”

After a 12 year radio career in the States, having had produced numerous top syndicated programs, 2005 saw Dave Bianchi taking off from New York City for uncharted territory, and ultimately opening a recording studio in Barcelona. Radio was fun, but producing music was always his talent and passion.

Combined with his unique production style, which Spain’s national paper La Vanguardia referred to as ‘unusually brilliant,’ this reflects in his new album, the third released as a solo artist, The Suburbs of Salt (2010). After recording 2009’s Baby Disco with 21 musicians, Dave decided to simplify—Salt was recorded with a band of just 10. Strings, horns, orchestration, the incredible drum work of Oriol Roca, and a guest vocal slot from singer/songwriter Leslie Helpert; the album also features a cover of the Tori Amos song “God,” as well as original recordings of Amanda Jayne’s “Nerves,” and “Bricklessness,” written by British poet and artist Duffy O Brick.

The title of this post his coming from his song “Nowhere” (The Suburbs of Salt). The video clip of this song has been shot in Utah and  is coming soon on this blog ! The first edit has been done by director Laurent Briet (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beyonce, Tori Amos) and it looks great! Stay tuned for more….

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