Last chance to see “LAS MARIS”

Las Maris  is a project of Javier Álvarez and Nieves Arilla

“Las Maris” (or The Maris) is an unorthodox show, which mixes music, theater, cabaret, humor and audience participation. Led by two very talented artists, this surprising and stimulating journey around your cozy home is enhanced by songs we haven´t forgotten, as well as a discovery of some little gems of their recent creation.
The name of the show, “The Maris” comes from a term of endearment both Javier Mari, and Nieves Álvarez often use to address each other. Accompanied by several musical instruments and some backing tracks, their on-stage performance will leave no one indiferent.
This show will entertain and excite you!” Last chance to see it is on the 31th of August in the Cafe theatre Llantiol.

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