Selva…back in church!

(From the top Mu, Pablo Wayne, Sasha Agranov, Dave Bianchi, Stephanie Pan)

Selva de Mar is working on their fourth album and it already sounds really good, especially with the natural reverb of the church in Crespiá, Catalunya where they are recording. With the collaboration of Mu and Stephanie for the voices, the album will feature other special guests as well…

Israeli cellist Sasha Agranov and Argentinean instrumentalist Pablo Wayne define their music as « aquatic »: a tapestry of timeless, almost utopian atmospheres that bewitch the imagination, constructed over an acoustic base (cello and hang), superimposed with a variety of different objects and ethereal use of electronic processes.

Selva de Mar create a soundtrack to an imaginary (but not made-up) Mediterranean that lies in the subconscious memory of a territory that was once both mystical, pastoral, enigmatic and familiar. Perhaps that’s why they‘ve taken their music to Israel and Jordan, Spain and France. They have even found themselves in constant rotation on New York City’s popular radio station WFMU…

Before they release this new album in all good Pharmacies…have a look at some photos and soon some videos…


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