Maarten Swaan touring in the US !

Maarten Swaan is a singer/songwriter/musician. In 2005 he left Holland for a life of traveling the world and playing music.

While touring and recording for other groups Maarten began writing his own music. Recording demo tracks on a laptop, based on only piano, guitar and vocals, he created an ambient, 70’s sounding vibe reminiscent of Pink Floyd, the Beach Boys and Queen.

He traveled to the inspiring city of Barcelona to record his debut album “Write Me Notes“.

In december 2011 he released his 2nd solo album. “Broken Bike”.  A much more diverse album, less melancholic, but still with it’s epic moments, different styles, and topped of with a classical piano piece this EP almost can be called a full length album.

He is now touring in the US, check out the tour page, look at some videos and don’t miss the opportunity to see his great band live !

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