When Smart Girls Do Stupid Things…

or maybe ‘not so stupid things,’ like recording an album!  Leslie Helpert’s latest EP is online and available now.  Recorded in November of 2011 in Barcelona with a gang of freaks,  the EP is a sort of score to a film that doesn’t exist, or at the very least a concept album.  Leslie spent one month before going into the studio field-recording the streets of Barcelona and turning the sounds of the city (street cleaners, bicycles, pedestrians, festivities) into beats and textures and base tracks for the song structures. During pre-production, she wrote various thematic dialogues for the EP and recorded people reading in their own mother tongue. Leslie’s goal was an album part parody, and part emotive exploration… what you have is “When Smart Girls Do Stupid Things!”

Listen to the full EP and download a free track from Leslie’s page on the Whatabout Music site…

Whatabout Music
Leslie’s new EP

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