The Kaleidoscope Dawn…

Another member in the Whatabout music family : click here to listen !

Formed at the start of 2009 in the seductive apartments cornered inside of a Barcelona amusement park, Jollyheads Circus is a child of the great Portlandian escape, a summer’s long awaited San Francisco hangover. But back in Barcelona, where the band currently resides. Soon after Daniel and Andreu formally formed the group, the traveling Frenchman Aurelian, joined the Jollyheads Circus as head carpenter and exotic drummer. It didn’t take much longer for the talented bassist and producer, Luisfer, to join as the group’s fourth member.

The band plays their own compositions which are heavily influenced by a combination of classic rock (Beatles, Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nick Drake, Queen) and more contemporary music including indie folk rock (Wilco, Cake, The Decemberists, Radiohead, Neutral Milk Hotel, MGMT to name but a few). Jollyheads Circus has a Barcelona home in their studio (as described previously, carpentry and remodeling is of utmost importance) in the Barcelona neighborhood of Fabre i Puig known as the Black Cactus.

The band has performed in and around Barcelona and has just finished a recording session entitled “Live at the Black Cactus” which can be found on Jollyhead Circus related websites.

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