Down in Dry Town


This is the first blog post for Dry Town Studio, the outlet for all things Whatabout Music.  I opened the studio over 3 years ago, after leaving the initial Whatabout Music studio in L’Hospitalet, called “The Emergency Room”.  The studio was shut down because the owners sold the building, and literally tore the whole building down.  So all the vibes from the 100+ albums recorded there were torn down with it.  Gee, how Zen…

SO, I had the fortune to buy an old ground-floor office in Poble Sec back in May of 2014. It’s small, but comfy. As they say, it’s not the size that counts… At first it was all about fighting that “new studio smell”.  Creating vibes, waiting for the new paint smell to dissipate, and making the space feel comfortable for anyone who walked through the door.  Finally after 3 years, I can say it has the vibes…

Some interesting projects have been created in our little studio in Poble Sec.  I’ve produced a good 15 albums since opening the studio, and many other talented Barcelona-based and NON-Barcelona musicians have passed through the doors to contribute their energy.  In the studio, I’m now joined by the very talented engineer (and producer) Aurelien Gana, who has great ears, and also great abs (so they say — I’ve only seen photos)…

Just a quick glance over what is coming : Currently Aurel is finishing the debut album of Israeli musician Ofer Ronen.  I am currently working on a Whatabout Music covers album, where I’ve put together bands to cover songs from artists on the label.  You can hear some of the albums recorded in the new studio here :

Sunshine Suite : Whatabout Music Uncovered 

Carola Ortiz : Sirin : Amor Prohibido

Anita Zengeza : Promo video  

Jorge da Rocha : making of video 

Piccola Orchestra Gagarin : Vostok

Danny the Lip : Heavy Breathing

Tal Ben Ari & Mel Seme : Skyland

Stay tuned.  Surely there is much more to come…

Lots of love,
Dave Bianchi

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