Somewhere Between Andalusia and Jerusalem

Ofer Ronen

If you want to catch a glimpse of what’s been going on at Dry Town Studio lately, make sure you head over to RAI – Recursos d’Animació Intercultural – this Friday, November 24. Israeli flamenco guitarist and oud player Ofer Ronen will be performing original compositions from his debut album PorMedio, to be released later this month.

Ronen’s compositions attempt to bridge the distance from one extreme of the Mediterranean to the other. He seeks to provide a new context for the traditional and a contemporary feel for the ancestral. His music is a fusion of flamenco with Middle Eastern songs and sounds.

Ambitious, you ask? Perhaps. But he has the credentials to back him up.

Ronen earned a degree in musicology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, then travelled to the heart of flamenco: Seville, Spain. There he studied guitar with masters Pedro Sierra and Niño de Pura at the Cristina Heeren Foundation. He continued his education by accompanying bailaoras and playing in fiestas with local musicians.

He returned to Israel in 2013 and spent the next six years working at the Jewish Music Research Centre in Jerusalem. There he was introduced to vast and diverse Jewish musical traditions from countless corners of the earth.

He was joined in 2014 by classical guitarist Roy Zakai to form Ancient Groove, a project focused on Jewish music. They hit the road with singer Tamar Bloch, performing in Israel, Spain, Cyprus and Holland.

In 2016 Ronen relocated to Barcelona, where he started Hamsa Hamsa. The band plays Middle Eastern music with flamenco, balkan, and jazz influences.

These experiences laid the foundation for the work found on PorMedio. The new album comes from a live show that has already been tested out on stages throughout Europe. It is a collection of original and traditional songs, a fusion of flamenco with Middle Eastern sounds and instruments including voice, guitar, oud, cello, percussion, ney, and saz.

Don’t miss the live performance this Friday in Barcelona!

Ofer Ronen: guitar and oud

Anna Casado Colao: voice

Sasha Agranov: cello

Gabriel Gonzalez: percussion

RAI – Recursos d’Animació Intercultural

Carrer Carders 12, Principal, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Friday, November 24


Carnet RAI +4euros, taquilla inversa

More Info:

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