Down in Dry Town

2017 is almost over, but there are still a few interesting things going on in the studio before the year is up.  I’m very very excited to say that Annie Goodchild will be coming to Dry Town from December 14-18th to track for her new EP.  Annie has been doing amazing things — earlier this month she opened for Alicia Keys in Basel Switzerland — and the last EP we did together “A Random Physical Sensation” has been making waves.  So stay tuned because I’m sure it will be another beautiful release from one of my favorite singers on the planet…

The “Whatabout Music Uncovered” project is also advancing nicely.  This month I had Leslie Helpert in the studio to do a cover of “Personal Solar System” from my second album “Baby Disco“.  Already the talented Lisa Bause has laid down 72 tracks of violin to create an awesome orchestra.   The tracklist is also developing for the album, right now it’s looking like this :

  1. Sunshine Suite (Melou) : covered by Tula Ben Ari, Pau Figueres, Jorge da Rocha, Lisa Bause, Sasha Agranov
  2. Coconut Water (Leslie Helpert) : covered by Annie Goodchild, Lisa Bause, David Soler, Martin Lamportilla, Dave Bianchi
  3. Mechanical Moon (Fiction Parc) : covered by Negritos (Pablo and Diego Arias)
  4. One Continuous Bend (Amanda Jayne) : covered by Danny the Lip, Ismael Dueñas, Jorge da Rocha, Paul Sessions
  5. Personal Solar System (Dave Bianchi) : covered by Leslie Helpert, Lisa Bause, Sasha Agranov, Jorge da Rocha
  6. Manuela (Negritos) : covered by Amanda Jayne and Leonardo Trincabelli
  7. Paix (Anita Zengeza) : covered by Carola Ortiz, Miguel Serna, Lisa Bause, Sasha Agranov, Marco Bazzi
  8. Ofek (Tula Ben Ari) : covered by Dave Bianchi, Maru di Pace, Raynald Colom, Jorge da Rocha
  9. Asas (Musicasilencio) : covered by Jorge da Rocha, Lisa Bause, Sasha Agranov, Dave Bianchi
  10. Sukta Korçom (Mû Mbana) : covered by Marco Mezquida, Miguel Serna, Oriol Roca, Anita Zengeza
  11. Vicious Game (Dave Bianchi) : covered by Mû Mbana

This should be a pretty epic album!  You can listen to the first track on Spotify here Sunshine Suite Uncovered

Finally, the talented director and filmmaker Laurent Briet is working on a video for my cover of PJ Harvey’s “The Garden”.  The track is already done, and the video should be finished sometime in February.  It features me as an animated robot that of course dies in the end.  Fairly realistic…  And just because I like you guys, here’s the track (super special pre-release!!)  “The Garden

More to come soon…

Big hugs,

Dave Bianchi

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