Down in Dry Town : Adeu 2017, Hello 2018!

It’s been an interesting year, to say the least.  In the Whatabout world, nobody would’ve predicted Donald Trump as president, nor the Catalan independence situation escalating to where it has — but the good news is that the music keeps flowing…

Kashmir Sweet House

To finish the year, I’m personally very happy to say that my fourth album, “Kashmir Sweet House” is finished and being released just in time for New Year’s Eve.   I play most of the instruments, but had a massive contribution from my favorite violinist, Lisa Bause — we worked together to create orchestration that came out haunting and beautiful… I also was joined by the usual suspects, Oriol Roca, Miguel Serna, and Sasha Agranov…

And because I like giving away my music for free, here’s the link to download the album.  Of course if you have a fear of downloading things, here’s a link to listen right now.

kash cover small



Gema 4 goes viral

Another exciting end to 2017 — Cuban female a capella group and Whatabout artist Gema 4 recently posted a video singing “Se Te Olvida”, which to date has already received over 2.2 million views!  That’s a pretty amazing feat for only 12 days…

You can watch the video here. .. Also, their album “For a New Dream” is available through Whatabout on all digital platforms.



Boozan Dukes return to Dry Town

I’m happy to announce that the Boozan Dukes will be coming back into Dry Town Studio in January 2018 to record their second album.  Featuring members of Whatabout group Gadjo, this time George Robarts-Arnold will be at the controls for the recording.  It’s also looking like George will join forces with Dry Town to become one of the studio’s newest producers/engineers!  He’s an amazing Brit producer, who makes highly stylized and very cool music.

Here you can see a video featuring George dressed as a rabbit, getting drunk. It’s a YouTube video for a song he produced for one of our favorite characters, Duffy O Brick entitled “Christmas With My Rabbit“.

boozan dukes

Stay tuned for lots more.  2018 is already shaping up to be an interesting year, full of interesting musical projects for Dry Town and the Whatabout family…

Lots of love from Barcelona…

Dave Bianchi

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